Clutch Replacement Denver

Clutch Replacement, Repair and Installation.

All wheel, front wheel and rear wheel drive. 4×4 clutch replacement and repair pros. Contact us, we offer free estimates. Something we typically will recommend to clutch drivers is less gas and more clutch. What this means is less engine rpm and a slower clutch pedal release will result in a more aggressive apply of the clutch disc and related assembly. A more aggressive apply will result in less clutch disc slippage and less clutch slippage will return a longer clutch life. If you release your clutch pedal slow enough, you don’t even need the gas. In addition, we also suggest to think of your clutch pedal like a hot potato. Push the clutch pedal in of course, but use the pedal as little as possible. Push in and release it like it is a hot potato. If a drivers habit is sitting at a stop light with the clutch pedal pushed to the floor waiting for the light to change, the driver is speeding up a need for a clutch repair or replacement.

Clutch Replacement Denver

Diagnose a slipping automotive clutch

A slipping clutch reduces the amount of power delivered to the drive wheels.If you experience changes in engine speed without noticeable acceleration, your clutch could be slipping. If your engine revs and the car hesitates before accelerating, it can mean your clutch isn’t delivering horse power and torque through the transmission to the drive wheels. Keep notice of the clutch pedal height where you feel the clutch begin to engage. The higher the engagement of the clutch, the more the clutch is worn and may mean a clutch replacement is soon. Notice if you smell something burning, a clutch that slips has a unique smell. The smell is the same as when your brakes burn. If you have smelled something when coming home from the mountains, odds are that was your brakes. Clutch and brake material are the same materials. We are a Team Dave Logan clutch replacement expert.

“Dave and his crew are very knowledgeable I will not go anywhere else for tramsmission issues. My wifes truck wasnt shifting right and i had a mass air flow code so he recommended putting the intake back to stock so i did amd it fixed all my issues. I will recommend these guys to everyone i know they are the best.”
Jesse Williamson
So far so good. Dave is really nice, and gave me a wide range of options to fit my budget. And even the most expensive option was 1000$+ less than others i called. Will update after service is complete… Service complete. They gave a free 10 day checkup. Truck runs o.k. so far
Joby Winch
“Once I stepped in the shop, it was nothing but professionalism and the level of customer service that really was unparalleled. Dave worked with me through each step and kept me updated on their progress. The repairs were completed on time and on schedule.
Brandon Minow
“These guys are great, I brought my 34 ft motorhome in that had been sitting for 4 years and had lost all the transmission fluid. Randy called me the next day and told me the pan bolts were loose… they tightened them, filled it with fluid, test drove it and the total bill… No charge.. good honest trustworthy people you can tell they take pride in their work. I recommend this shop to everyone!! If you need any transmission work done this is definitely the place to bring your vehicle. Thank you Randy and Ron.”
George Gilbert
“Best transmission shop ever. I have a hard time trusting my vehicles with anybody but Randy made me feel comfortable and called me every step of the way explaining every detail. His quote was accurate and honest the rebuild was done fast and the van runs like new. HIGHLY RECOMMEND.”
Jonathan Rosseau
These guys are great. Randy and his team are top notch and I highly recommend them.
My Dad was a chevy TH-350 transmission mechanic for years and these guys made sure they explained everything to me and I was confident they were doing the job right. Even after the job was done they followed up, corrected a minor issue (no charge) and even took care of an exhaust pipe that was making noise.
Clifford Grimes, Customer Reviews
Clutch Replacement Denver
Clutch Replacement Denver

In business since 1979 rest assure we will be here for you if a problem should occur. WE TAKE PRIDE IN OUR WORK and back it up with warranties to give you the peace of mind you want. Bring your vehicle to a professional transmission, transfer case, clutch and differential mechanic, give us a call now for a no hassle, no obligation insight of your clutch replacement needs.