BMW Clutch Replacement

Different BMW Clutch Replacement and Repair Types to Fit your Need

An inspection including a road test, preliminary testing and electronic scan. Written clutch repair estimates are provided, so you can decide what to do. No work will be done unless you agree and fully understand the process. Extreme Transparency, no hidden anything. All work is done on site at our repair centers. We don’t just advertise that we are a BMW clutch replacement experts. This is a real clutch installation shop and has been since 1979. WE REPAIR AND INSTALL CLUTCHES FOR MUCH LESS THAN OUR COMPETITION. BMW clutch installation is complex. A BMW clutch replacement shop is the right choice, sometimes the best option is not right around the corner.

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BMW Clutch Replacement

Why A-Affordable Transmissions Center

A-Affordable Transmissions Center is one of the most highly respected BMW clutch replacement and BMW clutch repair centers in all of Denver, Colorado. We take the time to walk every customer through the repairs process. The initial inspection won’t cost you a cent. We are a real BMW clutch replacement shop, so you can expect educated answers to your questions and needs.

You’ll get a complete checklist of everything that needs to be repaired as well as what it will cost before any work begins. Don’t leave the health and safety of your car up to chance. Call A-Affordable Transmissions Center today for complete BMW clutch replacement & repair.

“I had a rebuild done with this shop done almost a year ago now on my 04 explorer and was more than impressed with the level of customer service from these guys. I got constant updates, open and clear communication of what my options were- the pros and cons of any choice.
Recently I broke down in New Mexico and they helped me get a tow back up to Denver (shout out Steadfast towing) from Santa Fe, I’m still under warranty for their labor no questions asked they’ll make it right.
Devin and Ron are amazing, and just wished these guys ran a general shop as well!!”

Talia Peterson

“Devin and the team were professional and efficient. I will recommend this company to anyone that needs transmission work. Thanks again Affordable transmission.”

Jamme Butler
Clutch Replacement Denver

Warning Signs of a Failed Clutch

Some modern cars are now made with manual transmissions. Of course, nothing is full proof. As sophisticated as these modern transmissions can be, errors can make those gearshifts considerably less smooth. The check engine light can often be one of the first telltale signs that your car is having trouble.

When a automotive clutch fails, you might notice some strange sounds or vibrations when something goes awry with your vehicle’s clutch assembly. In other situations, your transmission might shift gears in unpredictable ways, resulting in uneven speeds and inconsistencies while driving. Your car may sound like it’s trying to go 100 miles per hour when it’s only traveling at 50, this is known as a clutch slipping in most cases. Additionally, there might be a few seconds delay when you shift each gear.

While some of these problems might seem negligible in the moment, ignoring such issues could make the situation worse, decreasing the life of your BMW clutch over time and increasing the costs to repair.

BMW Clutch Replacement

In business since 1979 rest assure we will be here for you if a problem should occur. WE TAKE PRIDE IN OUR WORK and back it up with warranties to give you the peace of mind you want. Bring your vehicle to a professional transmission, transfer case, clutch and differential mechanic, give us a call now for a no hassle, no obligation insight of your Transmission, Transfer Case, Clutch and Differential replacement needs.