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Automatic Transmission Repair - Best Transmission Shops

We Repair and Rebuild Automatic Transmissions for MUCH LESS And We Do It Right.

By choosing A-Affordable Transmissions Center you’re vehicle is being serviced by the best transmission shops in Denver.

Why Choose Us For Automatic Transmission repair ?

A-Affordable Transmissions Center is one of the most highly respected automatic transmission repair & transmission rebuild shops in all of Denver, Colorado. We take the time to walk every customer through the repairs process. The initial inspection won’t cost you a cent.

We are a real automatic transmission repair and transmission replacement shop. You can expect educated answers to your questions and needs. You’ll get a complete checklist of everything that needs to be repaired as well as what it will cost before any work begins. Don’t leave the health and safety of your car up to chance. Call the best transmission shops today for complete automatic transmission repair. A-Affordable Transmissions Center has rebuilt and repaired over twenty thousand transmissions at our transmission shops. 

Thank you for providing clear explanations of your troubleshooting steps, and taking the time to review the particulars of my repairs with me. It was worth every penny having my car towed from Boulder to your facility.

Michael Conti

Nicest people I have ever took my truck to. I was driving down I-25 when I popped out of fifth gear, drove to these guys and within 5min they topped off my fluid and I was on my way!

Matt Intro

I generally work on my own vehicles but after replacing the engine in my 4runner i really wasnt looking forward to tackling it’s transmission. Took it to these guys late in the afternoon and before the end of the day they had it out and apart and let me know what was worn and needed replacement, what was still ok. Long story short i had them do a full rebuild and it was cheaper than the toyota dealer by far and its running great. Any trans issues my friends or neighbors have i refer them here. Great job folks at affordable trans.

Nicholas Docter

These guys. are t have been messing around with one guy for a year on one trans these guys are good if there is a problen rhey got right on it gave me a rjde home delevred truck next day they went out of there way for me verg much appricated they treat me like a brother or a life long friend definitly will use them again .pp

John Harper

We were told we need to pay 2500 for a new transmission at one shop then this place gave us a much better price, and were honest enough to tell us it wasnt even bad once we dropped it off and they checked it out and didn’t charge us so this place is awesome and super friendly!

Raquella Emily

You will not find a more honest transmission shop. I brought my elderly mothers car to them and I was sure it was a bad transmission. I expected to pay somewhere between $1,500 – $2,000. They determined it was an electrical issue and fixed that for under $400.00 including changing the tranny fluid. Thank you!!

Transmissions, Transfer Case, Clutch and Differential

We have the experience and expertise to repair or rebuild any car or truck automatic transmission. A-Affordable Transmissions Center is very experienced with late model five, six and seven speed automatic transmission repairs and rebuilds. We also do have a great deal of experience working on the old school transmissions also. Hydramatic, Powerglide or Turbo Drive, we have you covered. High performance transmission rebuilds are no problem either.

“Denver’s Trusted Transmission Pro’s since 1979”

We take pride in our work and back it up with warranties to give you the peace of mind you want. Call Denver’s trusted transmission pro’s proudly serving the Denver Metro. We are a Team Dave Logan Member.

The first automatic transmission.

The first automatic transmission using fluid was developed by two Brazilian engineers. The project were sold to General Motors, who introduced the technology in the 1940 Oldsmobile model as a “Hydra-Matic” transmission. In 1934, both REO and General Motors developed semi-automatic transmissions that were less difficult to operate than a fully manual unit. These designs, however, continued to use a clutch to engage the engine with the transmission. The General Motors unit, dubbed the “Automatic Safety Transmission,” was notable in that it employed a power-shifting planetary gearbox that was hydraulically controlled and was sensitive to road speed, anticipating future development.

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