1. When you are a real VIP.

2. Not being able to open your door may be a sign…

3. That is one way to wash your car!

4. That is one way to take the stairs.

5. Remember you aren’t supposed to block a hydrant? This is why.

6. Just a bit furth…nope.

7. Arriving in style…

8. “We’re gonna need another tow-truck for the tow-truck…”

9. That would take a LOT of skill.

10. When you can’t read…

11. Do you think they have to pay for the damage to the road also?

12. Flying High.

13. Clean up on aisle 3.

14. I wonder how they accomplished this one..?

15. Delivery!

16. Another head scratcher…

17. Just a little bit…nope.