What The Flying Car!?

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March 2, 2017
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April 1, 2017
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What The Flying Car!?

Pop Up by AirBus & Italdesign

Some think the future of transportation is in the sky, AirBus and Italdesign think it will be here in 20 years. They have unveiled Pop Up, a flying car, or a road bound copter… Seems confusing, eh? Take a look at the video.

The Pop Up is not planned as a private vehicle, but more along the lines of recent on-demand transportation like Uber and other popular apps. It uses a modular passenger capsule that can provide either four-wheeled ground transport or quadcopter flight. This will be done using the Artifical Intelligence, based upon your preference it will find different routes and use either of two modes.

Sadly this is currently a concept and prototype, so seeing them in action won’t be happening anytime soon. What do you think of this crazy copter-car? Let us know on Facebook!