Thornton Transmission Shop

We are a Team Dave Logan transmission, transfer case, clutch and differential repair shop

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Serving Thornton, CO we provide affordable transmission services with the highest level of customer satisfaction possible. Call 303-650-8126 now, we are experts in everything automotive transmission, from repairs to rebuilds to overhauls we know transmissions, all makes, all models. Our technicians work on automatic or standard transmissions, transfer cases, automotive clutches and differentials. We believe being the best at what we do is our top priority, so we focus on what we know really well. If preferred, please contact us by email and we will reply asap with straight answers to your questions.

Our customers can expect…

  • a full external inspection, road test and electronic scan at no charge.
  • no work will be started until costs are agreed upon.
  • Once you receive your free inspection and price list you can decide what to do.


Failing transmission symptoms may include:

  • Check Engine Light Illumination
  • Burnt Smell
  • Shifting Issues
  • Whining, Clunking, Humming or Grinding Noises
  • Vibrations
  • Fluid stains on the ground

If you notice any of these symptoms do not hesitate to contact us , your local Thornton, Colorado transmission repair shop. We provide our transmission services on virtually any vehicle from sedans and SUV to 4x4s and trucks. Whether you have a manual transmission or automatic transmission, all wheel drive or front wheel drive, call the experts at A-Affordable Transmissions Center. We look forward to helping you!

“Denver’s Trusted Transmission Pro’s since 1979”